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Popular in the United States real wood shutter

The modelling of real wood shutter window (breathable) deep in the European style, popular in Europe and the United States, more than 200 years in Europe and the United States, real wood shutter window (breathable) consumption accounts for over 60% of the dosage of window accessories, real wood shutter window (breathable) complex manual craft, perfect detail processing, a variety of color choices make shutters and the style of home decoration. Endurance with its elegant design, excellent quality long dominated the market in Europe and the real wood shutter sales first.


The classic American style

American style with both the cultural sense, expensive QiGan does not lack of comfortable feeling and sentiment just cater to the cultural stratum in the pursuit of lifestyle. Shutter its contracted, fashion, the design of individual character, in combination with the characteristics of the American style completely. Meet your romantic pursuit of personality


Classic European style design

European design, with its elegant style, noble and elegant. Wood shutter its romantic primitive simplicity fully present the characteristics of the Europe type style.


Walked into the living room, a piece of space is rather large entertainment, gently pull move the door, on both sides of the original large space within a separate delicate and room, or the study, all let my love. Endurance solid wood door to your natural, living space full of surprises.


Rural country style

Life is full of the smell of reinforced concrete in the city, tired a day back home, if the oncoming are flowers, grass, flowers, all the fatigue will immediately dissipates. To love nature, enjoy life owners should have the style of the design is pure and fresh and natural pastoral style, large area USES green, white, yellow and so on natural and tonal, and with some flowers and plants pattern, gently pull the blinds and plumes of sunshine into your home. Mild day light, nature is tonal. Let you at any time in the home to breathe the air in the forest.


Mediterranean style

Main color white, this is the Mediterranean amorous feelings, the elements of sedate and contracted style, give a person pure and fresh sense. Slowly moving the shutter, the scenery outside the window become home the most beautiful scenery. Carefully taste let a person feel sea breeze stroke face slowly.


Modern style

Contracted and not simple, and always with ever increasing fashion forward and do not fade. In addition to feel modern on quality, gave some successful people devised a magnanimous mind space they need to succeed.

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